Extraction Socket Management and Immediate Implant Placement

Course Duration : 6 Hours 1 Days
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• Oral Surgery          

• General Dentistry

• Implantology          

• Periodontics

• Prosthodontics                   

• Restorative Dentistry

• Advanced General Dentistry

• Family Dentistry

• Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



Course Objectives

• Identify different types of extraction sockets.

• State the biology and physiology of extraction sockets.

• Practice socket conservation after extraction.

• Apply conservation of socket after extraction.

• Demonstrate management of multiple adjacent extraction sites for immediate implant placement.

• Demonstrate management of infected sockets for dental implant placement.

• Assess clinical and radiographic features of a potential immediate loading case.

• Choose appropriate implants and other necessary components for an immediate implant loading case.

• Observe the surgical phase in terms of flap design osteoplasty, implant placement, abutment selection impression taking, and prosthesis 'delivery'.


Prof .Khaled Al-Hamdan

Prof .Khaled Al-Hamdan

Periodontology & Implantology Consultant

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