Training Dental Assistants in Dental Radiology

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Diagnosis and many treatments in Dentistry require quality x-rays. Learning the skills to take quality dental x-rays is a must for every dental assistant. This course will give you confidence in radiology needs in the dental clinic. The course will be lectures and workshops and will focus on the common methods for diagnostics, endodontics, periodontics or oral surgery.
● Learn how the safety precautions for Dental X-rays
● Learn how to choose the right film size and proper dosage
● Learn the Facial Landmarks for x-ray cone alignments
● Learn the correct angulation require
● Learn Patient positioning
● Learn the placement dental films or sensors for taking:
○ Periapical X-Rays
○ Bitewing X- Rays
● Learn special situations such as taking X-rays under Rubber Dam
● Learn How to move obstructive Anatomy for better diagnostics

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